We hope that as you discover your way in life, we may help you.

We have Sunday Services filled with the Extravagant Welcome of God, Sunday school sessions for all ages, service opportunities to help us fulfill God’s demand of us to help others, and much, much more.

God will work through us if we are available to Him and we hope you find a place at Oakland where you feel at home.

May God enrich you with love and grace beyond your imagination!


Our Commissioning

Let us now go forth into the world in peace.
To be of good courage.
To hold fast to that which is good.
To render to no one evil for evil.
To strengthen the fainthearted, to support the weak, to help the afflicted, and to rejoice in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Statement of Purpose

To share God’s love with all people.
To serve the Lord with humility and kindness.
To grow with the Lord in wisdom and strength.