Our Leadership

Our Leadership


Rev. Jason Stump, Pastor
Mr. Paul Putnam, Minister of Music
Mrs. Connie Edwards, Church Secretary
Mrs. Kelly Schaubach, Financial Secretary
Rhonda Culpepper, Nursery Attendant
Mr. Roosevelt Jones, Sexton

Council and Elected Boards

Under our constitution, the ultimate power in the church rests with the congregational conference, but authority to help guide the church and handle its day-to-day affairs has been delegated to the Council and the elected constitutional Boards.

Members of Council: Ralph Howell (Moderator), Pam Saunders (Asst. Moderator), John Mitchell (Treasurer); C.F. Jordan, Kyle Arcand, Darden Langston (Members-at-Large); Carole Matt (Deacon Rep), Dani Howell (Christian Ed Rep), Pastor Jason Stump (ex-oficio).

Members of the Board of Christian Education: Dani Howell (Chairman), Connie Burgess (Co-Chairman). Tammy Howell, Suzanne Langston, Alicia Phillips, Clare Mitchell (Youth Rep.), Pastor Jason Stump.

Members of the Board of Deacons: Susie Eaton, Carole Matt (Council Liaison), Sadie Boyer, Sharon Winslow, Sandy Butler, Betty Rhodes, Mary Anne Riddick, Rainell Rowell.  Danna Vroman (Head Deacon), Jesse Burgess, Otto Wegman, Larry Bounds.

Members of the Board of Trustees: Paul Saunders (Chair), Colen Hodgson, Parker Howell, John Gayle, Leroy Howell, Rob Rhodes.

Personnel Conflict/Resolution:  Sharon Winslow, Connie Burgess, Lynn Knight, Karen Schine, Pam Saunders (Council Liaison).

Our Constitution and Bylaws